Team Member and Project Spotlight: Mike Gaudio – VP of Coatings Leads Pleasant Park Project

As Vice President of Coatings, Michael Gaudio is driving groundbreaking transformations within Advance Concrete’s Coating Division. With a wealth of experience and innovation, he’s redefining concrete design.

Currently, Mike leads the remarkable Pleasant Park project in Apex, NC, in collaboration with JM Thompson and Withers Ravenel. This innovative project includes creating a 2200 sq ft concrete sidewalk featuring a distinctive hand-scored and stained double helix design. Mike’s leadership is key in elevating this design from ordinary to extraordinary. His dedication to pushing boundaries and reshaping the possibilities of concrete has been instrumental at Advance Concrete.

Under Mike’s guidance, projects like Pleasant Park aren’t just about aesthetics; they offer a glimpse into the future of public spaces. These ventures inspire communities, stimulate conversations, and redefine concrete as both art and functionality.

Get to know Mike Gaudio:

▪ Why did you choose Advance Concrete?

Interestingly, I didn’t exactly choose Advance Concrete. I was approached by a department head from another division within the company. I was familiar with the organization as I had my own company and worked as their subcontractor. They sought changes in the Coatings Division and believed I’d be a good fit. I saw it as an opportunity to expand my skill set and knowledge. Advance Concrete’s potential to teach me higher-level division and project management skills, along with their employee-focused culture, drew me in.

▪ Your clients seem to be quite loyal, often returning for your services. What sets Advance Concrete apart and keeps clients coming back?

We take immense pride in our customer service and attention to detail. We make it a priority to ensure that when clients engage with us, it’s like hitting the “easy button.” From the moment they reach out, we guide them through every step of the process. This includes providing accurate and timely estimates and carrying that assistance through the execution of the project. What differentiates us is our commitment to custom-tailoring our approach for each client, ensuring they have the best possible experience. Of course, we’re not immune to challenges, but what sets us apart is that when issues arise, we’re always armed with answers and solutions.

▪ Outside of work, can you tell us a little about your personal life?

I’m happily married and a proud father of three kids. They are the anchor of my life and a constant source of joy for me. I’m a big fan of Red Bull Racing and Team Penske.

Mike’s impact within Advance Concrete’s Coating Division is closely intertwined with innovation. By spearheading visionary projects like Pleasant Park, he’s reshaping the boundaries of concrete’s possibilities.